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Email to SMS Gateways

Email to SMS Gateways use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to transmit messages, which differs from SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol). SMS (Short Message Service) text messages can be sent by either the SMTP protocol or the SMPP protocol. Typically, text messages sent via SMPP is commonly known as True SMS.

In many cases, Email to SMS Gateways are rate controlled, unreliable and have various limitations and thresholds that are setup by each individual cell phone carrier. Bible SMS is required to limit the amount of messages sent within any given timeframe, and the number of messages sent through each gateway. If the message threshold is exceeded, then any subsequent messages become undeliverable and are returned to sender.

Furthermore, cell phone carriers have a certain SMTP Sending Limit or Email Rate Limit setup for these gateways. If the threshold is ignored, and Bible SMS continues sending messages, then the Bible SMS IP address will be flagged as SPAM; therefore, Bible SMS must take every precaution to ensure that the Bible SMS server is capable of sending messages to all gateways.

Bible SMS only sends SMS text messages via SMTP and is required to honor the SMTP restrictions for all "Email to SMS" Gateways. Also, these gateways are maintained by mobile cell phone carriers and there is limited documentation available on the Internet regarding the reliability and uptime availability of these gateways.

Email 2 SMS Gateway Address

Below is a quick list of the most popular Email to SMS gateways in the United States:



Metro PCS


Sprint PCS


US Cellular