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T-Mobile SMS Gateway Limitations

Bible SMS is able to accept a limited number of new T-Mobile subscribers at this time due to limitations on SMS messages sent using free Email to SMS Gateways.

Bible SMS sends free text messages via "Email to SMS" Gateways provided by cell phone carriers and the existing IT infrastructure setup by Bible SMS relies on these gateways in particular to be fully operational and without restrictions.

Considering this is the case with T-Mobile, Bible SMS is obligated to honor T-Mobile’s SMTP Sending Limit and control the number of T-Mobile base subscribers allowed to register.

Undelivered Mail

IP Addresses that ignore SMTP limitations will, in most cases, result in messages becoming undeliverable and returned to sender. Below is an example of a reply provided by T-Mobile’s Mail Transport Agent (MTA) when message rate limits are exceeded:

Subject: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
Body: The mail system <number@tmomail.net>: host[] said: 550 too many connections from your IP (rate controlled) (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Alternate Solution

Bible SMS is working on an alternate solution to increase the number of T-Mobile subscribers allowed to sign-up for this service. For the time being, Bible SMS allows T-Mobile subscribers to receive free bible verses on demand. This feature does not require users to subscribe. Learn more about instant bible verses »