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Bible SMS

Bible Versions & Translations


Bible SMS endorses and prefers using the King James Version (KJV) as the primary bible version for sending bible verse text messages. We also send bible text messages in the New King James Version (NKJV) and New International Version (NIV).

Bible Translation Issues

We are well aware of modern day bible translation issues and the ongoing debate over which version is most accurate; therefore, every bible verse text message that is added to our database is compared to the original 1611 King James Version.

King James Version

Since our preferred version is KJV, we compare bible versions for selected bible verses and send bible verses as a text message in either KJV or the version that is most accurate to the King James Version.


We would rather prefer sending bible verse text messages in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek (the original biblical languages) in order for our subscribers to fully comprehend the in-depth meaning of each bible verse; however, we are certain that the majority of our subscribers are not fluent in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek, and neither are we. Therefore, we will continue to preserve and use the original King James Version for the purpose of spreading the word of God to English speaking individuals, audiences and believers around the world.