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Daily Bible Verses

Daily Bible Verse

Bible SMS now offers free bible verses on demand!
Register for free to receive free bible verses as a text message to your cell phone. A bible verse can be requested at any minute or hour, around the clock!

STEP 1) Register Your Cell » (It's FREE!)
STEP 2) Once you have received your first bible verse, simply reply the word NEXT to that text message, to receive another verse.

Daily Bible Verse

Verse On Demand

Bible SMS has introduced a "verse on demand" feature, which can send you a free bible verse to your cell phone, upon request.

You can request a verse daily, hourly or any time throughout the day.

Daily Bible Verse Text Message

Daily bible verse text messages can be requested at any time, around the clock.

The SMS feature is only available with certain carriers, whereas MMS is compatible with just about every carrier.

How it Works

To begin using this service, simply register your cell phone, and you will receive an instant bible verse.

Afterwards, you can simply reply the word NEXT to receive another free bible verse.


Daily bible verses and hourly bible verses are powered by Bible SMS (ON DEMAND). This is a new feature that automatically sends you an instant daily bible verse or hourly bible verse to your cell phone, upon request.

To receive a free bible verse daily or a free bible verse hourly, simply reply the word NEXT to any new or previous text message from Bible SMS. You may repeat this step hourly, daily, weekly or as often as you'd like.

The "Bible On Demand" feature allows you to request a limited number of bible verses per hour. Simply reply NEXT once per day to receive only one random daily bible verse. You can also reply the word NEXT up to 10 times per hour to read bible verses hourly.

Bible Verse ON DEMAND (MMS)
If you do not receive an SMS when you reply "NEXT", the alternate option is to send a message with the word "NEXT" to next@bible-sms.com from your mobile device. If you receive a message, simply reply "NEXT" to that message to continue receiving free bible verses on demand via MMS.